Egyptian - Oriental Dance Art Vision & Östlich Meditative Bewegung - Anya Vedant

TV & Radio/ Interview/ Article

1997     Interview; feat. Secrets of the heart/ Aachener Nachrichten
1997     Artikel "Al Raqs Al Sharqi" by Anya Vedant/ Article about the physical and psychological aspects in Oriental Dance
NATÜRLICH GESUND- Die Zeitschrift für bewußtes Leben  2/ 97 
1998     TV Reportagem/ Camila Aguira, Tele Minas, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

1999       Interview; Om Kalthoumiat/ FORUM, Michaela Brück, BRF Belgischer Rundfunk                                                                                           
2002      Interview; Leilet Masr / BRASSERIE, Michaela Brück/ BRF,  Belgischer Rundfunk                                                                                           
2003     Interview; Little Egypt Dokumentary, Funkhaus Europa, WDR 5

Important Full Dance-performance programms/playback & with live music

"Gypsie Trail"           Dance cultures of the world  '07
Solos from Performance Programm "Omkalthoumiat" & "Al Andalous"
Classical Raqs Sharqi: Anya Vedant,  Flamenco: Carmen de Torres, Kathak: Yotika Ghoti      
Internatinal Dance Project orgenised by Studio 77, Würzburg

"Gypsy Passion"   Gypsie Dances from Rajasthan and Egypt  '06

Solo & Group dances from the Programm "Gypsie Passion" & "Ya Nura"
Flamenco Oriental/ Egyptian Shaabi Art dances: Anya Vedant and her Little Egypt Dance Group,  Rajasthani Dances: Anu Smarzoch and dance students                 Klangbrücke, Aachen

Performance Programm Ausschnitte Video-Link »»Egyptian Sha'abi Dance Performance 2006

"Sa grande soiree Orientale"  An evening of Arab Dance and Live-Music

& Solos from the Performance Program "Ya Nura", "Leilet Masr" and "Omkalthoumiat"      '03- '06
with the Musta Largo and his Arab music ensemble Belgium Tunisian Singer, Samia Begali and dancer Laura de Gaspari, in cooperation with the Association Al Andalouse             Belgium/  Bruxelles

"Ya Salam”    Peace ’03      

Classical Raqs Sharqi Solo dance performance with the Iraqi Music Ensemble LAGASH » Musicians: Bassem Hawar- Djoze, Christiane Fuchs- Saxophon, Furat Qadduori- Qanun, Saad Thamir- vocals/ Piano, Arup Sen Gupta- Indian Tablas
& egyptian percussionist Essam Maghdi. Opening performance programm for the International Dance Festival, part of Ex- Oriente, Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen 

Performance Programm Ausschnitte Video-Link »» YA SALAM 2003

"Egyptian Moods"  Traditional Egyptian Baladi  ‘03   

Solo dance Performance Programm with Live-Music
with the percussionist Essam Maghdi programm for the International Dance Festival, part of Ex- Oriente, Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen

Performance Programm Ausschnitte Video-Link »»EGYPTIAN MOODS 2003

"Leilet Masr"  Egyptian Night  ’02      

Solo & Group dances from the Programm "Leilet Masr" & "Ya Nura"
Solo Dances with live music, percussionist Essam Maghdi und
Hannan El Shemouty:accordion & qanun, and Anya Vedant and her Little Egypt Dance Group

Performance Programm Ausschnitte Video-Link »»LEILET MASR  2002

"Egyptian Moods"  Traditional Egyptian Baladi Performance ‘02 

Solo dance Performance Programm with Live-Music            
with the percussionist Essam Maghdi    Jakobshof, Aachen

"Al Andalous"  Classical Raqs Sharqi Solo dance performance

with Mohamed Mahdi's arabo-andalusian music Ensemble '02                          
(Toledoverein), Aula der bischöflichen Akademie des Bistums Aachen

“Secret of the heart“ *** a journey through Egyptian Dance and Music
Solo dance Performance Programm
Kulturhaus Bielefeld in 2000

Raqs Sharqi & Odissi   "Tanzkulturen der Welt"   '99
Raqs Sharqi Solos from Performance Programm "Omkalthoumiat"  
with the dancer  Iliana Citaristi - Odissi        
10. International Dance Festival, Universität Bielefeld                                           

"Omkalthoumiat"  Classical Raqs Sharqi Solo dance Performance Programm
with Mohamed Askari and the Berliner Tacht Ensemble (Classical Arabian Music),  Mohamed Askari- Nay (bamboo flute), Wissam Gibran- Violin, Gesine Conrad- Cello, Ali el Asi - Oud (arab. lute), Khadr Ahmed- Egyptian tabla, Hatem al Batta- percussion, Hannan El Shemouty- Qanoun                Museum for Modern Art "Die Mulde" Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen ‘99

"Amar & Europa"      Dance Performance Programm with 7 European Dancers      
Solo from the programm  "Secret of the heart"  & Ghawazee Group dance choreographie from the Performance Programm  "Ya Nura"        
with Anya Vedant, Mounira Yagoubi, Mariska Mink, Jindra Kessener, Sarah Kahan, Paula Maressink and Ari van Ouden                    Polanen Theatre, Amsterdam ‘98

„Noite Egipcia“    
Solos & Group dances from Performance Programm "Leilet Masr",  "Ya Nura" & "Secret of the heart"       
in cooperation with Studio Brigitte Bacha   
Teatro Da Pracha     Belo Horizonte/ Brasilien  '98

“Secret of the heart“  Solo dance Performance Programm  '97      
in coorperation with Studio Brigitte Bacha       
Teatro Asambleya  Belo Horizonte/ Brasilien

" Secret of the heart "   a journey through Egyptian Dance and Music with live music  96'/ 97'/ 98'     
Solo & Group dances  Performance Programm                
Musicians:Mohamed Askari und Majid Talab, Guest Dancers: Sayed El Joker, Jindra Kessener und Anya's students dance group,   Barockfabrick  Aachen 96/ Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst - SPACE,  Aachen, 97/ Talbahnhof, Eschweiler 98/ Kunsthaus, Bielefeld 2000, Germany
Performance Programm Ausschnitte Video-Link »»"Secret of the heart"   Brazil '98

"Coffee house atmosphare" ***Solo dance Performance Programm & live Music
with Fouad Awad Speech, Song, Oud and Yehia Sabra Tabla        
Barockfabrik - Aachen  '95                     

"Gurdjieff Sacred Dances"  Budda Hall, Osho Multiversity, Pune, India  '91

“Celebration" Budda Hall, Osho Multiversity, Pune, India  '90

A Dream   Oriental Solo Dance Performance with Live-Music           
Musicians: Devakant and Shastro, Pune, India  '90

Important chorographical works

- Secrets of the heart       a journey through Egyptian Dance and music, in time                                  

Initiative Choreographies in 1995
an in-depth journey through different epochs of Egyptian dance and its music in time
the journey starts in modern times, where oriental and occidental elements have melted to one unity. The journey ends in the timeless Egypt, where we find dances of indigenous roots and the mystic flair of ancient secrets conveyed through music and dance beyond words. This performance indicates also Anya’s personal  search through music and dance.

 - Omkalthoumiat    Homage to the legendary Egyptian singer OM KALTHOUM                              

Initiative Choreographies in 1998
Classical Arab music and dance to compositions of the great masters of Egyptian musical history like Zachariah Ahmed, Baligh Hamdi and Mohamed Abdul Wahab… Om Kalthoum was trained in the art of Qasida (Quran recitation) and had indescribable skills in her singing, honoured throughout the Arab world. For a Raqs Sharqi dancer it is a high challenge to interpret the poetry of her songs, with deep emotional and spiritual content. Poesy over transistorises of emotional love, the heart longings of liberating the soul…Poesy of celebration, belief, beauty, sorrow…or despair of the souls dark nights…to name a few lyrical impacts, which were written by great poets like Abdel - Fattah Mustafa...         Anya Vedant

Anya Vedant dances to the most beautiful instrumental “Tarab” orientated dance pieces, composed for and song by the legendary Egyptian singer Om Kalthoum. Her dance reflects the diverse emotions and impacts of the lyrics and uses the classical musical structure. Her choreographies are in a subtle, pure classical or contemporary Raqs Sharqi style. 

This program was performed among other performances using playback, with the Berliner Tacht Ensemble in 99’ at Ludwig Forum for International Arts: Mohamed Askari- Nay (bamboo flute), Wissam Gibran- Violin, Gesine Conrad- Cello, Ali el Asi - Oud (arab. lute), Khidr Ahmed- Egyptian tabla, Hatem al Batta- percussion, Hannan El Shemouty- Qanoun

  -Ya Nura       The Light of Tradition

Initiative Choreographies in 1997
The music used is the most traditional and most superb in their field. Her chorographical structures are purely kept in the traditional way of rural Egyptian Shaabi – the regional folk dance styles which are in its core an improvisational dance art and the organic ancient threat which runs through the other Egyptian dance forms up till today.Anya became a master in rural Shaabi dancing over the years and is one of the few performers of this ancient female dance art, which is based on a high degree of improvisational skills and on understanding of typical movements and its music. "The movements of the dancers are gracefully, and reflect the tranquility of the desert to pulsating earthy rhythms without ever losing their natural grace and dignity!Dancers of the artist families, nomadic tribes and gypsies of Egypt where dancing at weddings and births celebrations, religious festivals or the greeting of a guest. Accompanied by musicians of their tribe, they traveled from place to place with their artistic skills to adorn all kinds of festive occasions.The evening gives the viewer a good insight into the traditional dances of Egypt. They are a feast of pure joy and serenity..."  Anya Vedant

Anya has a tremendous love and passion for this unique, ancient dance art and its music. "Traditional music and dance are a living heritage with hidden ancient wisdom and culture, which to protect is worth it!"

 -Gipsy Passion    Celebration of pure joy, passion and grace

Initiative Choreographies in 2001

Anya follows her love for gipsy dances and music and choreographed contemporary fusions to stunning musical pieces which incorporate Egyptian, Flamenco and Sufi music, as well as purely traditional Ghawazee (Egyptian Gipsy Dancers) Group and Solo Dances.
 “Silence of desert, pulsating rhythms, foot prints on earth, dignity of the hearts freedom…casualty of pure joy, keeper of ancient treasures…the Gipsy Dancer!”
Dancers of gipsy tribes where dancing on Marriages, birth celebrations, religious festivals or to welcome a guest. They travelled, accompanied by musicians of their tribe to adorn all kind of festivities with their art. 
Anya Vedant

 -Egyptian Moods     Memories of Mohamed Ali Street –Cairo

Initiative Choreographies in 1998
in late 19th until the 20th century, Mohammed Ali Street was home to Egypt’s and the Arabs world’s most prominent musicians and dancers. In Egypt’s dynamic social history,
Mohamed Ali Street evokes a vibrant memory of the city's 20th century artistic and cultural landscape. In the 20th century, Mohamed Ali Street became a local centre for instrument making, bands, musicians, dancers, singers and intellectuals from all over Cairo. Due to western military bands in time of occupation, western elements of music (especially Jazz & Blues) were incorporated. This fusion established a distinctive form of music and dance repertoire with highly improvisational qualities, in which dancer and musician corresponds to each other within a set structure. In comparison to western music, Baladi is similar to Blues; it expresses happiness and passion but also sorrow and sadness. Anya Vedant

Anya is taking us on a journey to different moods of the world of traditional and contemporary Egyptian Ashra Baladi and improvises within the typical, musical structure to some of the most beautiful Baladi pieces of that time!
She is using characteristically and typical Egyptian Movements. Out of a natural grace and centeredness, her dance expands to geometrical postures and movements, as well as stunning punctuated isolations and for Egyptian culture typical Egyptian gestures and feel.

Baladi - Purely Egyptian, jet universal in its essence… happiness and passion, but also sorrow and sadness are building kaleidoscopically the spectrum of the different moods conveyed through dance and music. Anya Vedant

- Ya Salam - Peace, beyond words     

 Al Andalous                

Initiative Choreographies in 2001

Pure aesthetics, refined rhythm...Silence for the heart to flourish
this program is based on purely Arab classical music and refers to the “Glorious golden age of Islam”. Anya dances beautiful Vail dances, classical delicate Taqasims, classical traditional dances combined with contemporary innovations and integrating the spiritual component of the Sufi Whirling.

 -Enchantment        La Danse Oriental

Initiative Choreographies in 2003
this program is pure Orientalism, referring toin the Revue style from the 30Th - 50Th of gloriespast times- Cairo. The choreographies are in traditional Raqs Sharqi style with flair of Hollywood (infiltrating the film and musical works of that time), combined with innovative contemporary works, reflecting the beauty and grace of female sensitivity!